Do you want to sell your home? Whether this is your first time or the tenth, selling your home can be a long, stressful process. There are so many minor details to take into consideration, which is why finding a good Realtor is imperative. With the Kortney Williams Team, our experienced Realtors are dedicated to help you prepare your property, actively market the listing, and execute the deal as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Before selling your home, check out the following tips
to maximize your home value.

Preparation is Key

Prior to putting your house on the market, make sure your home looks presentable. The best way to do this is to try to take a step back and see the house through a potential buyer’s eyes. What aspects would you be concerned about if you were the buyer? Before you sell your house, take some time to make these necessary improvements and ensure that your home is in the best shape to maximize your value. Don’t worry about completely remodeling your home, just make some simple fixes that can be done in one weekend!

Think your home is ready to go? Take a look at this checklist to double check!

  • Touch up paint chips, holes, and scratches
  • Repaint unappealing walls
  • Replace dull light bulbs
  • Tighten loose door knobs or handles
  • Vacuum and sweep the floors
  • Dust fans and countertops
  • Stain kitchen cabinets (if necessary)
  • Get rid of the clutter
  • Hide personal items such as photographs or toys

Curb Appeal Matters

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your home and its surroundings from the exterior. It’s crucial to selling your home because the front of the house is the first thing potential buyers see when they come to look at the property. Your home only gets one first impression so you want to make it count! To improve your curb appeal and make sure your home gives off the best first impression, consider doing the following:

  • Mow the lawn
  • Pull any weeds or dead plants
  • Trim the trees and rake the leaves
  • Plant fresh flowers (if necessary)
  • Touch up paint chips or scratches
  • Repaint the exterior (if necessary)
  • Replace dull light fixtures
  • Power wash the driveway and windows
  • Consider replacing your mailbox

Home Staging leads to a quicker, more profitable sale.

leads to a quicker, more profitable sale. While many buyers can picture changes that need to be made to a property, most can only see what is right in front of them. Thus, home staging is important to affecting the potential buyer’s perception because it allows them to easily visualize the property as their future home. By decluttering, deep cleaning, and redecorating, staging your home will look fresher and less personal. Hiring a professional stager can also make the selling process faster and easier for you. Make your home stand out from the competition and get the most out of your home value by staging it before you sell.

The Price is Right

Perhaps the most important factor to determining whether a home will sell or not is the price. If you price your home too low, you might lose out on the profits, but if you price your home too high, you might have trouble selling your property. So how do you find the sweet spot? That’s where the Kortney Williams Team comes in. Our team of experienced Realtors understand today’s market and have the expertise it takes to accurately estimate the value of your home. If you would like help pricing your home or maximizing your home’s value, contact the Kortney Williams Team today!